Win & Win WIAWIS CX7

Win & Win WIAWIS CX7

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Win & Win Wiawis CX-7 Riser 25 Inch

Win & Win Wiawis CX-7 Riser

Best in Class Performance  Win & Win WIAWIS CX-7 Riser

The brand new WIAWIS  CX-7  riser uses high strength pre-preg carbon material crafted with carbon fiber

reinforced in a random direction

It is then placed into a mold at an extremely high temperature and pressure, which creates a structure

that has durability, shock absorption, vibration dampening and strength.

Wiawis CX-7 Riser Details

  • 25" Length only
  • Weight 1250g
  • Carbon composite construction
  • International Limb Fitting


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