Limb Exchange Service

We offer an in-store only limb exchange service when you buy a complete ILF bow handle with KG Archery ILF limbs from us.

The KG ILF Bow Limbs included with this exchange service are

  • KG Phoenix ILF
  • KG Fusion Carbon ILF
  • KG NX55 Carbon ILF 
  • KG Spirit Carbon ILF 

This will allow the archer to build up their poundage without the usual costs involved in purchasing several pairs of limbs.

Simply come into the store and try the limbs to get the suitable draw weight, then when your technique improves you can exchange the KG ILF limbs for higher poundage within 6 months of purchase but only of the model type of the original purchase.

If you upgrade within the first 6 months then the exchange service starts again from that date. If you do not use this exchange service within the first 6 months from date of purchase you will deemed to have made a complete purchase of the KG ILF limbs and no longer part of the KG ILF limb exchange service. There is a limit to 4 exchanges within a 12 month period.

As part of KG ILF exchange service and as long as you are still in a 6 month time scale you can use the model type of the original purchase as a deposit on an upgrade to the next KG Carbon ILF limbs.

Limbs will only be exchanged FOC if the ones you return are in good condition, clean and you have been stringing the bow correctly by using an approved stringer. If the limbs are damaged a charge may be made depending on their condition.

If the original ILF handle purchase has been changed from other than one purchased at KG Archery, a bow setup charge will be made at the time of limb exchange service or upgrade.

No setup charges for using the ILF limb exchange service or if upgrading the ILF handle at KG Archery.

Bow strings; a complete bow comes with a standard FF+ bow string. If during the exchange service or upgrade you go up or down in bow limb length from the original purchase the cost of the new FF+ or other strings will occur.

The KG ILF limb exchange service is only available to purchases made in the showroom and only to the original owner of the complete ILF bow.

The KG ILF limb exchange service is not available through the online store.