KG Phoenix ILF Wood Limbs
KG Phoenix ILF Wood Limbs
KG Phoenix ILF Wood Limbs

KG Phoenix ILF Wood Limbs

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KG's innovation and quality brings you an economical ILF limb. Encapsulating the resin impregnated tapered core laminations in each of the limbs, making a very stable and reliable bow limb.

British made bow limbs ideal for the novice archer giving excellent performance and reliability

With reinforced bow tips suitable for F/F, F/F+, 8125G and Dacron bow strings with served loops

Limb lengths available 70" - 68" - 66"

Limb weights for 70" limbs from 24 lbs to 42 lbs @28"

Limb weights for 68" limbs from 20 lbs to 44 lbs @28"

Limb weights for 66" limbs from 16 lbs to 40 lbs @28"

Other weights not listed may be available, please ask!

We try to keep a selection of limb weights in stock but some times we have sold out and we will make your bow limbs to order, please allow 28 days for delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Quality and Good Value

These limbs offer an excellent combination of quality and value.
I use these limbs 6 days a week and they perform perfectly.
On a side note KG's service is excellent.

Great limbs

I bought these limbs (24lbs) to go with a kinetic Zivio riser, also bought from KG. They are really smooth and lovely to use.
A great service from the KG team as they also helped me get matched arrows for my set up.

Very well Made

My 12 yr old daughter has been using these limbs for the last 12 months or so and is getting on brilliant with them. These are a very well made high quality product. Instantly my daughters scores increased and her confidence grew. These limbs have a very smooth cycle and have good speed. The finish on them are amazing ours were finished with a purple into wood and really do look the part and stand out on the shooting line.

Rob B

My Phoenix limbs are 68" and 34lbs. They look great, draw and release smoothly. A very noticeable step up from the Axiom+ limbs I was using previously. My scores have improved and they look great with my black SF Forged riser. Recommended :)

Steven Collins

Got a 26# set of these with a second hand bow I bought and have enjoyed shooting with them for the past few months. I've no idea of how used they may be which is a testament to their quality.