KG Osprey Black Glass
KG Osprey Black Glass

KG Osprey Black Glass

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This fantastic bow from the KG Bowyers and appropriately named with the graceful flowing limbs as the wings of a bird of prey.
This is a unique and tastefully designed bow which unwinds so smoothly to full draw, and yet produces an incredible amount of energy. When this is transferred into the arrow it generates incredible arrow speed and flat trajectory giving tremendous pleasure with every shot.
A composite constructed bow using black glass to which provides a nice contrast to the beautiful timber in the handle.
Available in Right or Left handed and with either a Satin or Gloss finish
The physical weight of the bow is approximately 600 grams but this is depending of the type wood used in the bow
Bow draw weights from 28lbs to 58lbs at 28" with an optional Leather grip on the handle. Other weights can be made so please get in touch if you require a heavier weight.
The maximum draw length for this bow is 34"

Bracing Height from back of bow 8 " to 8 3/4"

We try to keep a selection of bow weights in stock but some times we have sold out and we will make your bow to order, please allow 28 days for delivery.
The Osprey bow length unstrung is 64" from nock slot to nock slot and measured in a straight line
The Osprey bow length Strung is 60 1/2" from nock slot to nock slot and measured in a straight line
The bow comes with a Fast Flight string, a traditional leather rest and a bow sleeve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Owen Jameson
As good to shoot as it is to look at

My first bow ,its so light in the hand and quiet when you shoot it.
I just hope one day to be worthy of it

absolutely love it

I've now put a few hundred arrows through my brand new 42lb Osprey and I absolutely love it. It makes me smile just looking at it and shooting it is pretty much the most enthralling experience I've had in archery. I can't put it down. I bought my first bow from KG well over ten years ago and have shot recurve and bare bow since then. Not any more. I can't see me picking up a recurve again. My Osprey is all the bow I've ever wanted, or needed. It's made by craftsmen at KG not a factory in China and the customer service is, as far as I'm concerned the best you will find, anywhere, and I've been everywhere. Nuff said.


I bought a 40lb bowin the summer and I agree that it is a beautiful thing to shoot. However I also agree with Big Dave in that I find it unforgiving as I think I am a little over bowed and find it quite hard to control my technique. But thats my problem. Still a lovely bow.

Neil Rose
Quiet and smooth

Just shot my new Osprey for the first time and I couldn't be happier! Incredibly quiet and smooth with absolutely no hand shock. I have the 40lb and it shoots very fast and it just looks fantastic. It's very comfortable in the hand, I didn't get the leather grip, it doesn't really need it. I usually shoot an Olympic style recurve with all the extra bits and pieces that go with it so I don't have much experience shooting bare bow but the arrows just seem to go where you expect them too. If you're thinking of buying this bow just do it, you'll be blown away by it.


It's difficult writing a review because everyone is so positive about these bows that it sounds almost unreal but after shooting today with my new bow I have to say that the other reviewers are correct. I wouldn't have believed them until I experienced it myself. The bow looks amazing. (If you're considering the bow get the leather grip or be prepared to use a glove. I got the gloss finished bow which looks absolutley beautiful and the grip has a satin finish to stop the bow becoming slippery if wet or if your hands sweat. Even with the satin though I think I'll benefit from glove.) It's light. It's very quiet to shoot. I was shooting at 30 yards to get a feel for the bow and shot my best ends ever. For a brand new bow I think the accuracy I achieved was amazing. After one morning of shooting this has become my favourite bow. Would recomment this bow to anyone with an interest in traditional archery. Actually I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in archery full stop.