Oak Ridge Horse Bow Bamboo Sada

Oak Ridge Horse Bow Bamboo Sada

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Oak Ridge is renowned for great traditional bows, without a big price tag. New to us is the Bamboo Sada Horse bow. Many horse bows up to now were made at 48″ , Oak Ridge have lengthened their Horse-bows by 4″ to give a 52″bow. This gives the archer a sweeter draw at the higher poundage’s. The bamboo Sada is a beautiful horse-bow with inlaid laminates of different coloured woods in the handle, bamboo limbs, and ambidextrous, so can be used in any hand. also included is a D-75 string.

- Bow size: 52"

- Maximum draw length: 31"

- Riser is laminated with foam + bamboo + fine line veneer

- Tip is made of ox-horn or Micarta

- Limbs are combined with clear fiberglass with bamboo core

- The length of bow string is 120cm

- Regarding the minimum arrow weight of the arrow, we calculate it with 1 pound = 0.6 grams