KG Spirit Edge Carbon ILF Limbs
KG Spirit Edge Carbon ILF Limbs

KG Spirit Edge Carbon ILF Limbs

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KG Archery’s experience, innovation and precision manufacturing techniques bring you the next generation in top performance carbon limbs.

The KG Spirit bow limbs feature a carbon fibre encapsulated core fadeout, with proven matched timber laminations. These are laminated together with carbon fibre at various orientations and with a very fine Ovangkol veneer covering the black carbon under the finest crystal clear composite glass fibres. This gives the appearance of an all wooden limb but has all the benefits that carbon can give.

All these features add up to giving you incredible speed, stability, smoothest of draw and a stunningly beautiful looking pair of limbs.

The only logos on these limbs are a small Phoenix on the bottom limb.

ILF Limb fitting

Limb Weights are measured on a 25" riser at 28". Shorter risers will increase bow weight.

Currently only available in 68"

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