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KG Sheriff

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The handle section on this beautiful bow is made from multiple laminations of exotic hard woods. It creates a good looking but very strong bow, with a pistol type grip. For the limb section of the Sheriff we use Carbon laminations and a clear fibre glass over Ovangkol hard wood laminations.

The handle section is made using Ovangkol with Purple Heart and sycamore laminations and a Rose wood lamination on the back of the bow, fading into the laminated Ovangkol bow core limb. All together a thoroughly beautiful bow, which is a pleasure to shoot.

All bows have a satin finish.
Available in R/H or L/H.
Bow length 68".
Bow draw weights, from 30 to 60lbs.

Bracing Height from back of bow  8 1/2" 9 1/2"

The bow comes with a traditional arrow rest, FF+ bow string fitted with silencers and a cotton bow sleeve.

We try to keep a selection of bow weights in stock but some times we have sold out and we will make your bow to order, please allow 28 days for delivery

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