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A Longbow or Flat Bow with real class

Hand crafted from the finest exotic hardwoods, combined with the best glass in the world to produce one of the best looking and smoothest shooting American Flat Bows available on the market today.

Hand-shaped pistol grip
Window and arrow shelf are cut on a curve to give good arrow clearance and the window is cut less than centre of the bow.

Available in R/H or L/H
Available in both Satin or Gloss finish.

Comforms to NFAS Rules.

Comes with Fast Flight string, traditional arrow rest and cotton bow sleeve.

Length 66"
Draw weights from 30lbs 60lbs @ 28" and the draw length up 34"

Bracing Height from back of bow 8" to 8 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ian Wilson

Have an Osprey so I am aware of the quality and performance of KG bows. I felt the urge for a AFB so thought I'd try a Atalanta. Been shooting it for a couple of months now and I'm happy to say how happy I am with it. A smooth drawing bow that's a pleasure to shoot and a British product.

Ben Flitney

I’d been looking for a new bow for a while to replace the Traditional recurve bow that transitioned me from Compound to Trad. After some research I’d settled on a NFAS compliant Flatbow.

The criteria was as follows, As forgiving as possible and after the recent testing years imposed by the pandemic, The bow must be made in the UK.

This is my first KG bow. My First impressions are “wow” it’s a smooth shooter and paired with the correct arrows is a formidable tool.

First shoot with it at my local club, I’m shooting close to my PB with room for improvement. I’m more than impressed.

Great looking bow, forgiving but yet will keep your form honest, pleasure to shoot. Pick one up you’ll not be disappointed.

Big thank you to the hard working team at KG that made me feel welcome and the NFAS members that recommended them.

Handsome Dave
What a bow!!

This is my 4th KG Bow to go alongside my Falcon, Osprey and Cobra. On every visit to the shop (I have many) I would always be drawn to the Atalanta and its beauty,but always seemed to leave with something else. After eventually taking the plunge and purchasing my Atalanta my only issue is that I should have bought it sooner. What a Bow! So light in the hand and the smoothest of all my bows to draw and very forgiving when I don't get it quite right. It has a great cast which is a joy to behold on longer shots. It has taken a little longer to get used to than my other bows but now I have it shooting as I would like, it is now my go to bow. Beautiful, light, smooth, fast enough, forgiving and very quiet. So quiet in fact that my shooting partners call it the Ninja Bow. Everything you need in a Traditional Bow is in the Atalanta. Of all my KG Bows, and I love them all the Atalanta is my favourite by some margin. Don't leave home without one.

Ian Holddworth
Fast and Quiet

I am so happy with my purchase of a 40lb Atlanta. Went up to try a few different bows but fell in love with this bow as soon as I shot it. Very fast and quiet and as previously said the web pictures don't do it justice. Staff super knowledgeable and friendly and a pleasure to do business with.

Jonathan Owen
Superb bow

This is a superb bow and great fun to shoot. It's very well made and looks just fantastic. This is the second bow I've bought from KG and I cannot fault the service in any way. Staff are very helpful and friendly.