KG Outlaw Deluxe
KG Outlaw Deluxe

KG Outlaw Deluxe

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KG Sherwood Outlaw Deluxe Bow

KG Sherwood Outlaw Deluxe bow has a nicely shaped pistol type hand position, with a curved arrow shelf and window cut near to the centre.
This bow is made in Sherwood Forest using Bubinga with an Amarello lamination for its centre core, with Ash/Lime wood laminations in the bow limbs and black glass on both the back and belly of the bow. All bows have a lacquered Satin/matte finish as standard in my view the figuring and colours within the wood come alive
This combination of materials makes not only a lovely bow to look at but a fantastic bow to shoot; you don’t believe me well then come along and try.

The bow comes with a Fast Flight Bow string and traditional leather arrow rest.

Bracing Height from back of bow 9 to 10.25"

Bow length 66" un-braced  and the draw length up to 32"

Conforms to NFAS rules

We try to keep all weights of bow in stock, but sometimes we have sold out so please allow 28 days for delivery.

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