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This is a unique and tastefully designed bow which unwinds so smoothly to full draw and yet produces an incredible amount of energy which when transferred into the arrow generates incredible arrow speed and flat trajectory giving tremendous pleasure with every shot.

The bow grip this is a true pistol type grip putting the bow hand in the correct position for maximum comfort and control of the shot.
The bow handle is a composite constructed bow handles with plantations grown Rosewoods and hardwood laminations.
The limb construction is with Cherry or Ash wood and Carbon laminations with clear glass to enhance the colours and texture of the American Cherry wood with a satin lacquer finish as standard. Come and try this bow you will not be disappointed.

All the timber that we use comes from sustainable plantations and from licensed timber importers, not from the Jungle therefore the colour and figuring of the Rosewood may vary from bow to bow.  

The Falcon bow length Strung is 59 1/2" from nock slot to nock slot and measured in a straight line.
Bracing Height 8 1/4" to 9 1/4" to the back of the bow with a maximum draw length of 34"
The bow comes with a traditional arrow rest, FF+ bow string fitted with silencers and a cotton bow sleeve

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elite bow

I came across my falcon second hand, after having been alerted to the beauty and accuracy of the falcon by a friend who runs Dartmoor instinctive archery who shot and reviewed a 34 lb @28 bow and I shot it myself. It’s his favourite gentleman’s bow and I understand why.
I own many bows , but the falcon is a true enigma in that it is truly understated , offering high performance in a very quiet quality package. My bow is 42 @28 but I draw 30 and at a longer draw the bow comes alive . It’s a masterpiece for the traditional archer. If you miss, don’t blame the bow.

Dartmoor Archery
Top Class

Had my falcon for a few weeks now shot about 6000 arrows through it, it looks great is fast smooth and very stable and very light, all round a brilliant bow, the service from KG archery was top class it was the first time Ive bought anything from them, very helpful and the bow came the next day, cant beat that, I have over 50 bows and I am only shooting the falcon cos it so sweet.

A joy to shoot

Being the happy owner of 3 KG field bows when Keith hinted that he was developing a new bow based on the limb shape of my Osprey but with a handle shaped like my Minerva I was hooked and ordered one sight unseen as did my shooting buddy Bill,I don't think the design was even finished! Having taken possession of K G Falcon number 1 at the open day and shot it every week since then I can confirm that it is everything I hoped smooth a joy to shoot fast, consistent and most of all like all my K G bows beautifully made.

Big Dave
Osprey on steroids!

I will freely admit to being a bit of a KG Archery Fanboy but why wouldn't I be with the quality service and the incredible craftsmanship displayed in every bow.I already own an Osprey and a Cobra and went to try an Atalanta which I had been admiring on every visit to the shop and decided to try out the Falcon,BIG MISTAKE.This is without a doubt the best bow I have ever shot,think of it as an Osprey on steroids.The speed that the arrow leaves the bow is a sight to behold and the cast is so flat and level.It draws smoothly with no noticeable stacking,even up to my 32inch draw length.But the most amazing thing is the weight,i've had bags of crisps that weigh more.How a bow so light can shoot an arrow so fast and with such force is beyond my mere mortal comprehension.Only put about 200 shots through it so far,but only had it a day and its AWESOME.My only regret is not buying the Atalanta as well,it was fabulous.


Smooth, extremely fast and very very satisfying! In short, WOW.....