Bearpaw Pentathlon Slimline Carbon Timber Arrows
Bearpaw Pentathlon Slimline Carbon Timber Arrows

Bearpaw Pentathlon Slimline Carbon Timber Arrows

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With the Penthalon Slim Line series Bearpaw have developed thin carbon arrows that offer great performance and quality. These thin arrows have been designed with built in flat trajectories and precision arrow flight. Thin arrows stabilize much faster and lose less energy during the stabilization phase. The thick walls of the Slim Line carbon shafts provides the necessary arrow weight and is the reason behind the impressive durability of these great carbon shafts.

Especially in traditional archery many archers attach great importance to a more natural design even with shooting carbon arrows. The natural wood look of the Timber Stick carbon arrows captivates traditional archers with its wood look that comes very close to the appearance of a natural wooden arrow!

  • Spines Available: 400, 500, 600, (These spines may be available, please ask 800, 1000, 1300 and 1600)
  • Straightness: 006“
  • Composition: 100% Carbon
  • Shaft Finish: Carbon with Timber Pattern (Screenprinting)
  • Points: Slim Line Break up Point Stainless Steel
  • Available with 3" Feathers or 4" Feathers
  • Nocks: Penthalon Slim Line Nocks
  • Production time: Approximately 2 weeks


Please see diagram for arrow length, if you are unsure please get in touch.

To find out your spine of arrow please refer to the Easton Chart HERE (opens in new window)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.