KG Phantom Handle
KG Phantom Handle

KG Phantom Handle

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New KG Phantom 17” wooden ILF handle  

The prototype concept bow was made over 2 years ago on my Birthday, with the idea of using my ILF limbs for you to try different limb weights then we would make the limbs to your specifications if you wanted limbs within the Spirit range finished in either Cherry or Carbon laminations.

The type of timbers to use in the new handle were taken into consideration as well as been decretive to look at it they needed to have a close grain and long fibres giving the density and strength needed for my new bow handle and the timbers that we have chosen to satisfy our requirements are Ovangkol  and Rosewood.    

The method of locking the bow limbs into position with complete contact between the limbs and handle gives all the benefits and characteristics of shooting a one piece bow.

The main features of this KG Phantom 17” handle are! KG ILF Bow limbs in total contact with handle and locked down onto the handle.

KG Phantom 17" Handle + 68" KG limbs gives a bow length when strung of 55 1/2" 

KG Phantom 17" Handle + 66" KG limbs gives a bow length when strung of 54 1/4"  

 The strung bow bow lengths may vary depending on the bracing Hight.    

 An adjustable integrated physical weight and balance system within the handle.

The bow handle made out of beautiful selected different woods  laminated together to create this stunningly attractive well balanced handle with KG ILF limbs made with the same belly lamination on the handle giving the effect of the bow limbs growing out of the handle.  

Positive and comfortable hand position.

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