Win & Win INNO CXT Handle
Win & Win INNO CXT Handle

Win & Win INNO CXT Handle

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W&W INNO CXT Handle 

Weight control system: The riser weight is adjustable so the archers can customize the weight to fit their desire.

A more convenient center-shot adjustment system: You can conveniently adjust the limb and riser alignment without unstringing the bow. In addition, a highly specialized washer was designed to prevent the limb bolt from randomly coming loose.

Upgraded accuracy: W&W engineering solved simple problems such as twisting and bending during the moulding process. Now it is possible to have virtually perfect limb an riser alignment.

The ideal grip: Win&Wins grip is made to find the correct pressure point for the archer. It is especially designed to take into consideration the joint position of the each finger, so it creates a very stable grip position and increases arrow grouping

  • 25 Inch: 1250 grams
  • Material: Carbon Graphite / Carbon
  • Available in 23, 25, 26 and 27 inch riser length. Contact us for availability.
  • Standard length is 25" All other lengths are on special order only.