Victory VAP Elite Carbon Arrows x12 (EP vanes)

Victory VAP Elite Carbon Arrows x12 (EP vanes)

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Set of 12 target carbon arrows. 

These shafts arrive with the nock preinstalled, and will be finished with EP Vanes and a Victory Break Off Point.

Key features:

Thick walled, 100% high modulus carbon construction for tight group sizes.
High strength, durable construction.
Provides wind resisting long range accuracy.
Nano- ceramic "ICE" coating for improved penetration and easy arrow removal.
Good range of spines for a perfect tune.
Technical specifications:

Material: Carbon
Diameter: Small Diameter
Straightness Tolerance: ±0.001
Weight Tolerance: ±0.5
Available Spines: 400-1100
Uncut Length (approx):
Included Components: Bohning F Nocks
Designed for: All levels of Indoor and Outdoor Target Shooting

For more info click HERE for link to Victory website (opens in new window)


Please see diagram to determine arrow length, if you are unsure please contact us.

To work out the spine of arrow you require, please refer to the Victory arrow chart in additional images.