KG Phoenix ILF Wooden Handle
KG Phoenix ILF Wooden Handle

KG Phoenix ILF Wooden Handle

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KG Team for innovation and quality brings you a new Phoenix ILF bow handle.

The bow handle is made from Bubinga wood with reinforcing laminations through the central stress areas which makes this handle suitable for using with F/F bow strings and aluminium cored ACC or ACE carbon arrows. This handle has been carefully shaped and fashioned pistol grip to fit the bow hand with graceful curves and lines making a very beautiful bow to hold and use. All bows have a lacquered satin finish making the figuring and colours within the wood come alive.

 We do not recommend the use of 8125G Bow String with this bow.

  • Handle length 25”.
  • Right and Left hand available
  • Handle weight 996 gm this may very from handle to handle.
  • Bow window length 210mm 8 ¼”.
  • Bow window 5mm past centre.
  • Bushed for 5/16” Mono stabilizer.
  • Bushed for 5/16” Pressure Button.
  • Bushed for M5 Sight fitting M5 screws included with the riser..
  • Bushed for M4 Clicker.
  • ILF bow limb adjustment.