Hoyt Satori Riser

Hoyt Satori Riser

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Traditional and hunting style recurve riser from Hoyt.

Link to HOYT website 

Key features:

  • Trusted Earl Hoyt geometry.
  • Adjustable shelf module for tuneable centreshot combined with simple, traditional style off the shelf shooting.
  • Can be used with flipper style rest if desired.
  • Micro limb alignment.
  • Range of riser lengths available.

Included items: Adjustable shelf module, calf hair side plate, rug rest, tillerbolt lock-down wrench, stringer and carry case.

Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: ILF
Material: Aluminium.
Length Options:  17", 19" or 21"
Weight: 17": 2.25lbs/ 1020grams. 19": 2.4lbs/ 1088grams. 21": 2.54lbs / 1155 grams