Hoyt Proforce FX - DL 27.5-30.5"

Hoyt Proforce FX - DL 27.5-30.5"

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Compound bow from Hoyt.

Key features:

  • Compact axle to axle.
  • Forgiving geometry
  • Faster arrow speeds.
  • Features Hoyt's modular grip system for adjustable grip angle.

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 32.75"
Bracing Height: 6"
Mass Weight: 4.6lbs
Let off:  
Draw length options:  Cam 3: 27.5"-30.5"
Speed rating:  325fps (ATA)
Cam:  ZT Hyper
Limb:  QuadFlex
Finish:  Hoyt Anodized Target Colours/ Powder coated Blackout / Painted White